Work Clothes in South Africa—Essentials for Winter

At Gina we know that South Africa is known for having a rather diverse climate. Winter in one province sees drastically different weather patterns than winter in another. Same country, same season, different corporate workwear requirements. This means that businesses need to be mindful of more than just the season when considering uniform options for their employees.

Our catalogue boasts a wide range of options for customers, and we always have the three guidelines of workwear clothing in mind:

  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Style

Temperatures drop in winter if you are in Cape Town, or the atmosphere becomes muggy and humid if you are in Natal. If your company has branches throughout the country, your corporate clothing will need to accommodate this variation.

Our main aim is that our customers are comfortable, that their workwear clothing is best suited to the tasks they are required to perform, and that they exude a sense of professional style as well. These are the guidelines we used for this year’s winter essential picks…

  • The classic jacket: If you’re in an area that receives lots of rainfall, you could opt for light fabric that dries easily, with a waterproof lining that also makes the jacket warmer. Suit jackets as part of corporate uniforms can be bought to suit winter weather conditions as well. For ladies, a long sleeve lined blazer is a timeless classic that will always look professional.
  • Suits and slacks: For men, a full suit is a good idea for winter workwear clothing. Heavy wool fabrics for cold winters, and lighter, more breathable cotton can be used in areas that experience rather humid conditions. For ladies, the office skirt can be traded in for tailored slacks. They will be warmer and more comfortable, without sacrificing their professional image.
  • Wool skirts and pants: Tweed has made a comeback, and thankfully so. The fabric is stylish, but also ideal for cold seasons. Tweed pants, jackets, and even pencil skirts will not only make your corporate workwear pop, but it will also keep employees feeling warm and comfortable when they need it most. For very low temperatures, ladies can combine their tweed skirt with wool stockings that compliment your company’s colour scheme.

The important thing to remember about winter essentials in your workwear clothing wardrobe, is to keep it versatile. Employees shouldn’t feel limited by their uniforms. Make sure that clothing items promote comfort, while keeping to your overall brand identity as well. At Gina we work closely with our customers to ensure that we deliver a product that is in keeping with their vision as well as ours – highest quality, style, and care.

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